(1) What is tao films?

tao films is a new SVOD (Streaming Video on Demand) platform that specialises in independent world cinema with a particular nod to contemplative film. We have launched on 1 January 2017 and are now in full swing!

(2) What films do you offer?

We offer fiction films (both feature and short length), documentaries and experimental cinema. There is something for everyone!

(3) What do I need to watch a film on your site?

First of all, an interest in our films You will also need a computer or laptop that is connected to the internet. Some of our films are available for free, for others you will need a credit card.

(4) Which credit cards are accepted?

Our payment platform Stripe accepts all major credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express credit and debit cards. It supports payment in currencies from more than 130 countries. No need to worry!

(5) Can I watch the films anywhere in the world?

Yes, we have done away with territorial restrictions. It’s better for you and the filmmakers. Whether you’re in India, South Africa, Brazil or Finland - our films are available to you. (Please note, there is an exception if you live in China where our stream has so far been blocked. A VPN is needed in this case.)

(6) How much are the films?

tao films is a subscription-based VoD platform. Access to our growing collection costs 9,99 EUR for 30 days.

(7) How long is a subscription valid?

Each subscription is valid for 30 days. We do not automatically renew your subscription, so if you want to continue viewing our films you will need to buy a new subscription.

(8) Can I watch a film several times?

Yes. Your subscription allows you to view a film several times as long as you do it in the subscription period of 30 days.

(9) In which languages will I be able to watch the films?

All films are shown in their original language. For those films that are not in English, English subtitles are provided. We are working on expanding the range of subtitle languages (French and German as the main focus).

(10) What are the system requirements for a computer if I wanted to stream a film?

For desktops, it requires that your browser supports HTML5 video with Media Source Extensions (MSE). Below is a chart for when each browser introduced support for MSE:

Browser Version Release Date
Apple Safari 8.0 October 2014
Google Chrome 23.0 November 2012
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 October 2013
Microsoft Edge 20.10240 July 2015
Mozilla Firefox 42.0 November 2015
Opera 15.0 July 2013

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 only works in Windows 8.1 and above and is not supported on Windows 7.

Microsoft Edge is available only for Windows 10.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Fireworks and Opera are known to work on Apple macOS/OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

(11) What streaming qualities do you offer?

Currently, all streams are provided in six quality levels; two in standard (SD) and high definition (HD). Below are the Internet download speed recommendations per stream for playing:

SD 540p 1-2 Megabits per second
HD 720p 3-4 Megabits per second
HD 1080p 6-8 Megabits per second

Depending on your connection speed, your browser will choose the right quality level for you. No user interaction are required.

(12) How many times can I watch a film once I have purchased it?

Once your payment has been successful, you can access a film for 72 hours. We strongly recommend to purchase a film and view it shortly afterwards.

(13) I have clicked on “play” but I see only a black screen. What is wrong?

Please check your system first to see whether yours is supported. If it is, try a different browser. If you still have a problem with viewing a film, please o get in touch with us!

(14) What else?

Well, you should read our Terms and Conditions for the small print before you register on our website and buy a subscription. This way you know what you're signing up for with tao films!

Do you have any more questions? Then shoot as an email via support@tao-films.com!